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The GOALCHATM Street Handball Coach-Workshop

  • Provides an inspirational Workshop for handball clubs, national and regional associations and federations, coaches, teachers and other interested parties and persons, passing on the philosophy and practical implementation of GOALCHATM Street Handball
  • Objective is the attainment of the basic-Know-How for the application and introduction of GOALCHATM Street Handball in your clubs and in schools
  • The GOALCHATM Street Handball Coach-Workshop will be lead on one hand by Co-founder and Chief-Instructor of the GOALCHATM GmbH Ole Bruun Andersen assisted by a GOALCHATM-Coach/-Promoter/-Instructor in English language and English workshop-presentation (in Non-German-speaking countries) or English language with German translation and German workshop-presentation (in Germany). As well from the Managing Director of GOALCHATM GmbH Ciz Schönberger assisted by a GOALCHATM-Coach/-Promoter/-Instructor in German language with German workshop presentation (in Germany). And on the other hand from the GOALCHATM GmbH educated GOALCHATM-Instructors, which will offer and realize GOALCHATM-Workshops in their local regions.
  • The GOALCHATM Street Handball Coach-Workshop is due of charge and will at present be offered through the handball national and regional federations. Individual bookings through clubs and schools are possible and will be adjusted and offered according to the requirements of the parties involved
  • The full package includes: Workshop Package
    • 1 GOALCHATM -Chief-Instructor/-Instructor,
    • 1 GOALCHATM -Coach/-Promoter/-Instructor,
    • 1 GOALCHATM-Ball,
    • 1 GOALCHATM-Manual "Coach",
    • 1 GOALCHATM Street Handball-Participant-Certificate (In connection every participant is a "GOALCHATM-Coach"),
    • 1 GOALCHATM Street Handball-Sticker,
    • 1 GOALCHATM Street Handball-DIN A2-Poster
  • Duration: 2-3 hours and is divided into a theoretical and a practical section
  • Precondition is a minimum number of 10 till maximum 25 participants
  • The needed equipment for the Workshop, including GOALCHATM Street Handball-Goals and -Rebounder, will be brought by the GOALCHATM-Instructor to the respective locations for the workshops
  • The GOALCHATM Street Handball Coach-Workshop will be organized and implemented worldwide only by GOALCHATM GmbH or through their instructed GOALCHATM-Instructor
  • For further information please contact us!