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The Values and Beliefs of GOALCHATM

With GOALCHATM, all focuses on the positive experience - the point is not competition or rather who scored more goals when playing Street Handball.

GOALCHATM was developed with the objective to bring handball back to schools. The focus lies on exercise, pleasure in playing and positive experiences for all participants. To achieve these aims, GOALCHATM GmbH has defined a number of basic conditions and fundamental values which are determined in the following guidelines:

  • Everybody is welcome
    Age, sex, motoric skills and precognition of a player are irrelevant
  • The game can be played everywhere
    Indoor, outdoor and on every surface, from grass to rough asphalt
  • The necessary equipment is reduced to a minimum
    Essentially, all you need is the special GOALCHATM-Ball
  • No organization is necessary
    It's a game without referee and coach
  • It's no competition
    The main concern is not, to be better than the others
  • Main concern is pleasure in playing with others and sharing own experiences to inspire, in turn, the others
    As the degree of activity is high, the players don't get around to count points.